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Chainmail is my main focus, but I also do tree of life art.  Since they aren't exactly similar, I have separate stores for them.  If you'd like to order something from both, let me know and I can combine them to save on shipping.

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Marci's Chainmail

Chainmail is a unique and fun gift for all ages.  Visit my chainmail shop on Etsy.

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Marci's Tree Art on Etsy

I have a passion for trees and created a special shop dedicated to my drawings of trees, on trees. Check out the tree shop.

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My Facebook page has business updates, where to find me next, and special offers only available to Facebook fans. 

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The blog has updates on events, new and custom items that I want to share, and my opinions on chainmail related topics.  If you like a little random in your life, visit the blog.

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